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This time last year

Little did I know I was spending my last few hours with my nan. Little did I know you were gonna be taken away from me in such a short amount of time. Little did I know how much it was gonna hurt me although it was kind of expected.

No matter how much you are expecting something that is so heartbreaking to happen, you are never ever ready.

I still can’t believe you’re gone, I really can’t, my heart aches every single day for you. I’m selfish and I want you here with me, with us. Things have changed since you’ve been gone, things that will never be the same.

I love you nan, and I miss you more than anyone in this whole world could ever understand, and I know you’re probably looking down thinking shut up Chloe but I truly do - I miss you massively.


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Haters gonna hate hate hate hate

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Dreading this week.

1 whole year 💔

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…than any we leave behind.

…than any we leave behind.

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GoT cast on the TV Guide Magazine Yacht (x)

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I don’t care what anyone says…I love this movie!